Fee Schedule

Patients will be charged a fee upfront, before the appointment.
After the visit, the office will provide you the superbill (claim form) which you will then submit to an insurance company.
Patients can expect to be reimbursed by a check for the covered amount, in 2-4 weeks depending on insurance.
Dr. Lee is 'nonPAR' status with Medicare which means that patients will pay at the time of the visit. The fee schedule will be different from the one below. It will be set by Medicare which is generally lower than fees shown below. The office will provide you with a claim form to submit to Medicare for reimbursement for the visit. You should expect a payment from Medicare within 4 weeks. 

New patient visit, either in person or video $400

Return patient visit, either in person or video $250

Ultrasound of thyroid for evaluation of nodule $250

Ultrasound of the neck to evaluate cervical lymph nodes after thyroidectomy $300

Thyroid biopsy with Ultrasound Guidance $350

Prior authorization obtain fee $50

Forms for disability, legal document, unemployment benefit $150

Thyroid nodule radiofrequency ablation $5500